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Individuals, Families & Carers 

I combine my many years of work in the mental health and addiction filed to bring you a holistic, solution focused approach to mental and emotional wellness.

My counselling and services are for you if; 

  • You are proactive and wanting to gain more knowledge, awareness and strategies for creating mental wellness. 

  • You or someone you know has had, or has, mental health challenges and you'd like support to create and maintain mental wellness.

  • You would like to learn mental wellness tools to assist you or your loved one. 

  • You would like to learn ways to communicate your mental, emotional and spiritual needs t yourr loved ones or health care team. 

  • You value the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellness. 

  • You would like a greater understanding of you, or a loved ones, mental health and/or addiction challenges. 

Counselling (with Reiki healing option) 

My counselling services focus on holding a safe, non judgemental space for you to express yourself and simply be you! I will be fully present and embrace your strengths and struggles with loving kindness. Together we will create a container of hope and love which will cultivate an environment that encourages you to heal, learn, grow and transform. Reiki healing can also be incorporated into your session. 

Birth Debriefing 

What is birth debriefing?

Birth debriefing sessions are a safe space for you to explore, reflect and process your birth experience. Birth debriefing may be a one off session, or several sessions, depending on your needs. 

When is the right time? 

This is a unique decision depending on the individual. There is no right or wrong time to get support. For some, they may access birth debriefing soon after birth and for others it may be years. If you are struggling with any aspect of your birth experience, at any time on your parenting journey, it may be helpful to get support. 


Can partners/support people benefit from birth debriefing? 

YES!  Birth debriefing is or anyone who feels they may have been affected by the birth experience. This can be your partner, doula, midwife or other support person.   


Some benefits of birth debriefing;

  • Can help to release birth related trauma.

  • Can create a space and opportunity for healing.

  • A safe space to share your birth experience.

  • Can provide a deeper understanding of your birth experience.

  • Can help to clarify events and provide more information.

  • Acknowledgement of grief and loss.

  • An opportunity to discuss any unmet expectations.

What to expect?

During the session I will work with you to tell your story while gently exploring the meaning your birth experience holds for you. We will work through the emotions and thoughts you have surrounding each part of your story, any questions you have or need answers to, and explore ways you may begin to heal moving forward. 

Sessions are done individually as each person's experience is unique. Your partner is welcome to attend your session as a support however, if they are having their own challenges in processing the birth, it may be beneficial for them to book their own session with me.   


Mental Wellness Planning Session  

This session is for anyone who is; 

  • Wanting to focus on creating and maintaining mental wellness for your family. 

  • Searching to gain a deeper understanding of their own unique definition of mental health and wellness. 

  • Seeking knowledge, awareness and strategies for maintaining mental wellness during parenthood. 

We will cover; 

  • The definition of metal health and wellness and what it means to you.

  • How to identify what resources you will need to maintain mental wellness. 

  • How to clarify and express your mental and emotional health needs to others. 

  • How to recognise potential mental health issues and possible risk factors

  • How to create your own mental wellness plan. 

Peer Support through Mumma Bees & Co. 

Mumma Bees & Co is built on the values of community, comradery and connection with the aim to provide every birthing person access to a Mumma Bees Peer Ambassador. Our Ambassadors have have walked a similar mental health journey and can provide guidance, empathy, support and hope to other birthing families. To find out more head to Mumma Bees & Co. 

“This session has helped me feel far more empowered to move forward in my journey, knowing that I do indeed know myself, that I can ask for help and that although this journey is complex, I am well equipped to handle whatever comes. Whether that means sitting with grief and sadness, or asking someone to watch the baby while I close my eyes for 10 minutes, I now feel more comfortable in the unknown.”

- Amy 

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