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Mental Wellness Planning Session

This ninety minute innovative and informative education and planning session is ideal for expectant or new parents. Let’s be honest, as you enter parenthood, there will be many emotions and expectations that surface. This session will allow you to gain more clarity around what you will need to create and maintain mental wellness for you and your family as you embark on your parenting journey. 

This session is for anyone who is; 

  • Trying to conceive, pregnant or postpartum. 

  • Wanting to focus on creating and maintaining mental wellness for your family. 

  • Searching to gain a deeper understanding of their own unique definition of mental health and wellness. 

  • Seeking knowledge, awareness and strategies for maintaining mental wellness during parenthood. 

We will cover; 

  • The definition of metal health and wellness and what it means to you.

  • How to identify what resources you will need to maintain mental wellness. 

  • How to clarify and express your mental and emotional health needs to others. 

  • How to recognise potential perinatal mental health issues and possible risk factors

  • How to create your own mental wellness plan.