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Built on the values of community, comradery and connection, Mumma Bees ™ aim is to provide every birthing person access to a Mumma Bees ™ Peer Ambassador who has walked a similar mental health journey and can provide guidance, empathy, support and hope to other birthing people.


Our Peer Ambassadors also play an important role in delivering maternal mental health education, training and resources to health care professionals and the local community.

Mumma Bees ™ Training Graduates will fill a gap in our mental and maternal health care systems by forming a peer based hive for birthing people and their families to thrive.


The Mumma Bees ™ training program ​offers you an introductory platform to start working as a Mumma Bees ™ Peer Ambassador. As future pathways and networks develop, you will have the opportunity to deepen your work in the Mumma Bees community.

The Introductory Mumma Bees ™ Training will give you the skills, experience, knowledge & confidence to​;

  • Support birthing people in your friendship group, family and the larger community who are parenting with mental and emotional health challenges.

  • Provide birthing people and their families with guidance, empathy and support through mental health education and connection to professional resources.

  • Engage in conversations that shift stigma and raise awareness of mental health/illness.


Saturday & Sunday

October 23rd & 24th, 2021


Sat October 23rd: 9:00am-2:00pm (with break)​

Sun October 24th: 9:00am-2:00 pm 

ONLINE via Zoom 

Course Fee  $315

What's Provided

  • Live face to face content via zoom.

  • In depth understanding of the the Mumma Bees ™ model and mission. 

  • Mumma Bees ™ gift bag 

  • Access to private Mumma Bees™ Facebook group 

  • A monthly 45 min online virtual meet up (to keep the hive buzzing). 

You will also receive professional development training to:

  • Explore ways to maintain your own mental health as Mumma Bees ™ Peer Ambassador. 

  • Understand the principles, values and practices of peer support. 

  • Use your personal story to foster a sense of connection and hope. 

Upon completion of this training, you will be certified as a Mumma Bees ™ Peer Ambassador and your details will be recorded on our public directory of Mumma Bees ™ Ambassadors.  

Mumma Bees, Stefanie Poole Doula & Birth Education, Pregnancy Counselling, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne


  • Are inspired by the Mumma Bees ™ mission of growing a new and innovative hive and committed to creating the opportunity for birthing people to thrive.

  • Would like to personally develop greater knowledge, skills and awareness of mental health for yourself and those in your social networks. 

  • Have had personal experience with mental health challenges during pregnancy birth and beyond. 

  • Are willing to share your mental health journey to help other birthing people who are struggling with the mental and emotional challenges of parenthood.

Eligibility Requirements


Identify as a birthing person and be eighteen years old or older.


Have a strong desire to share your mental health journey to help other birthing people struggling with the mental and emotional challenges of parenthood.

A willingness to speak openly about your mental health challenges thus modelling hope and wellness.

If you have experienced perinatal mental illness, you must have engaged in some form of personal development, treatment or support prior to applying for the Peer Ambassador program.


The ability to commit to the role for up to six months offering at least two hours of peer support per week.

The ability to attend a forty five minute group support session once a month. 


Stefanie is a Mental Wellness Strategist on a mission to break down the maternal mental health stigma that still exists in the community. She combines her professional and personal mental health experience to bring birthing families an innovative suite of services with a signature style that specialises in creating mental wellness. 

Through classes, events and services, Stefanie encourages birthing families to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for parenthood. She takes them on a journey of creating and maintaining mental wellness by developing their personalised wellness plan and implementation strategy. 

Stefanie encourages individuals to challenge their understanding of mental health and wellness and supports them to develop their unique roadmap taking them out of survival, and into a more calm, balanced and fulfilling life where they can thrive. 

Mumma Bees, Stefanie Poole Doula & Birth Education, Pregnancy Counselling, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne

Mental Health Doula ™ 

Stefanie Poole 


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