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Mumma Bees & Co


Our Mumma Bees & Co Ambassadors 



Inner Circle Ambassadors are currently using their Ambassador skills and knowledge to hold space for family, friends and those in their personal life.  


Community Ambassadors are currently using their Ambassador skills and knowledge to offer support to birthing people and their families. This may include; in person, phone, group or zoom support to new families. They also provide education to the community around mental wellness through speaking events or workshops   


Professional Ambassadors have a background of working with birthing people and are using their Ambassador skills and knowledge to compliment their professional work.



My name is Alison and I live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts! I am Mom to three amazing young children Jameson (4), Jackson (3) & Aquinnah “Quinn” (8 months). I also work full time in special education, however I do have experience and licensure in counseling.


I am eager to be here and support others in anyway that might make sense for you!


I am diagnosed with generalized anxiety, which peaked postpartum. I truly didn’t even know postpartum anxiety existed and what signs to watch for. I am a supporter of medication if needed, even during pregnancy if this is the safest option for you. 


I am eager to share my story, educate others, and empower you to find your voice and support you on the amazing and wild ride of motherhood! 





Hi, my name is Bec and I’m a mother of 2 daughters and a social worker. I have spent most of my social work career working in mental health. I was motivated to do the Mumma Bees training because our society and systems are not set up for mothers to be well supported through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. I love the concept of a hive, the networks we can create and the support we can give to one another. As well as the ways we can share our knowledge, experience and insights. 


I experienced post natal depression after the birth of my first daughter. A combination of lack of support, a disempowering birth/maternity care experience and breastfeeding issues all contributed. The biggest thing I learned on that journey was to invest in my own emotional health and wellbeing. It’s also ignited a passion to become advocate for improving maternity care and support systems for new parents. 


I gave birth to my second daughter in 2020 during the stage 4 covid-19 lockdown. Covid-19 and the restrictions have affected us in ways we could never have anticipated. Now more than ever new mothers need support. What I’ve learned through this training has been so helpful to me on my own journey as well in supporting friends who are pregnant or have young babies. I’m looking forward to be extended this support to my community. 



My name is Carlie and I am a mother of 2 and Osteopath.


My motivation in doing the Mumma Bees training was to learn more about supporting our emotional health through pregnancy and parenthood.


The training was wonderful and I have implemented so much of it with my patients and friends since completing. I look forward to providing this support to our communities and increasing awareness of mental and emotional wellness and supporting mothers. 


My own journey has involved losing a parent very suddenly when heavily pregnant, the emotional darkness that followed that time and the struggles of new parenthood amongst grief. I have also experienced multiple miscarriages, one traumatising miscarriage and navigating all the anxieties that come with pregnancy after loss. 




Hi my name is Denise and I am mother of one and a nurse.  


My motivation for doing Mumma Bees & Co. training was to try and learn more about supporting fellow mothers through this roller coaster ride of parenthood. 


I myself experienced pre and post-natal anxiety and feel like I fell through the cracks of the system many times. I had a tough time during pregnancy with nausea and vomiting and felt very isolated and ashamed that I wasn’t coping. As a nurse I'm used to taking care of others and struggled to seek help. I had issues with breast feeding postpartum and lots of guilt and emotional turmoil surrounding this. I also had a baby who didn’t like to sleep much so felt exhausted all of the time.


Once I found my circle of mums and made so many beautiful mum friends things started looking up for me, which is why I'm attracted to the idea of a Mumma Bees & Co. HIVE. I also have a particular interest in birth trauma as my birth experience was a traumatic one for myself and my husband. My family lives overseas and I understand how it feels to be in a room full of people and still feel alone. 



Hi, I am Fiona, a Mumma Bees & Co. Peer Support Ambassador. 


My background is in early childhood education where I have worked and supported many families and children over the last 25 years.  Currently, I work in an Education Program where I teach children aged 3-10 years personal safety and empowerment skills.


I have 3 teenage son's which keep me on my toes and I am forever learning new things to keep up with them and their interests!  During my motherhood journey I have endured Post Natal Depression. I have since recovered and learnt so much about myself, life, and managing my mindset, mental health and happiness.


I am a passionate advocate for maternal and paternal mental health and commit fully to helping anyone I can who may be needing support with their own journey as a parent and that of raising their children. I would love to connect with you if you feel you want or need to talk.






Hi, my name is Louise, and I am a mother of two daughters, a nurse, midwife, and a reflexologist. Throughout my whole career as a midwife, I've had a passion for emotional health and wellbeing.

I am fortunate to have worked most of my life in a one on one supportive role. Therefore, I understand the importance of community, and working with other professionals to provide the care that Mothers need.

I have also experienced postnatal depression after the births of both my daughters. My experience was brought on by a combination of postnatal anxiety, isolation, lack of support and prolonged grief reaction, having lost my mother, not long before falling pregnant with my first child.


The biggest thing I learned on my parenting journey, is how vulnerable you can feel, and how much support can mean, even if it is just in the form of companionship. I look forward to sharing not only my own experience, but the knowledge I have gained over the last few years.

I'm proud to be a Mumma Bees & Co. Ambassador, and share the importance of good emotional health and wellbeing, knowing that is more than normal to struggle at times, and that it is part of our growth as a parent. We strive, survive and grow, supported by others who have been there before us, and can show us the way.




My name is Natalie and I’m a mum to one very busy three year old. I was motivated to take part in the Mumma Bees & Co. training as I believe there is a major gap in our current health system with the support offered to new mums and families.

When I had my son, I struggled to find that support and didn’t really connect with anyone within my mother’s group, I wish I had found something like Mumma Bees & Co., just a group of every day mums who I could connect with, share every day struggles and have that peer support.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experience and helping other mums and families and hope that we can continue to grow our hive into something great!!

Disclaimer: Mumma Bees Ambassadors are a team of peer support workers with a lived experience of maternal mental health challenges. As an Ambassador, they are not medical or mental health professionals. If you're in need of professional support please contact your health care provider. Need help accessing services? Let us know. If you are in crisis reach out to Lifeline (within Australia) 13 11 14 or your countries crisis line. If your are experiencing an emergency please call 000 ( if in Australia) or your countries emergency number .

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