Birth Debriefing 

Birth Debriefing Sessions

What is birth debriefing?


Birth debriefing sessions are a safe space for you to explore, reflect and process your birth experience. Birth debriefing may be a one off session, or several sessions, depending on your needs. 

When is the right time? 

This is a unique decision depending on the individual. There is no right or wrong time to get support. For some, they may access birth debriefing soon after birth and for others it may be years. If you are struggling with any aspect of your birth experience, at any time on your parenting journey, it may be helpful to get support. 


Can partners/support people benefit from birth debriefing? 

YES!  Birth debriefing is or anyone who feels they may have been affected by the birth experience. This can be your partner, doula, midwife or other support person.   


Some benefits of birth debriefing;

  • Can help to release birth related trauma.

  • Can create a space and opportunity for healing.

  • A safe space to share your birth experience.

  • Can provide a deeper understanding of your birth experience.

  • Can help to clarify events and provide more information.

  • Acknowledgement of grief and loss.

  • An opportunity to discuss any unmet expectations.

What to expect?

During the session I will work with you to tell your story while gently exploring the meaning your birth experience holds for you. We will work through the emotions and thoughts you have surrounding each part of your story, any questions you have or need answers to, and explore ways you may begin to heal moving forward. 

Sessions are done individually as each person's experience is unique. Your partner is welcome to attend your session as a support however, if they are having their own challenges in processing the birth, it may be beneficial for them to book their own session with me.   

Each session is 2hrs with the option of engaging in ongoing counselling if needed. 

Additional travel fee may apply for in home sessions. Please inquire when booking.