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"Prioritising mental wellness is an individual, societal and systemic responsibility."

- Stefanie Poole 


Are you a mental health or addiction service finding it hard to identify, treat and assess your client's with mental health and/or addiction issues (dual diagnosis)? 

Would you like dynamic, interactive training for your staff to be better equip to treat and identify mental health and addiction issues?

Would like to improve the mental and emotional health of your staff?

Are you ready to become an organisational leader in collaborative, integrated, holistic treatment for mental health and/or addiction treatment?








Hi, I'm Stefanie 

Well, you've come to the right place...

The field of mental health and addiction can be confusing and overwhelming. It can be difficult to assist your clients who struggle with both mental illness and addiction (dual diagnosis).


My consultations will assist you, as a professional or organisation, to better assess the complex needs of your clients, work collaboratively with treatment teams and develop effective and comprehensive plans to address the unique needs of your clients.

I have a diverse work background with 20 plus years' experience across a range of services in clinical care, crisis assessment, education, consultancy, management and leadership roles within the public, community and non-for-profit sectors.

My years of experience working with countless individuals and families has provided me clear insight and expertise into what it takes to create and maintain mental wellness.

Through my professional and personal experience, I have developed a signature style of consulting with mothers to help them ditch the mum guilt, stress and overwhelm and instead, create a joyful and meaningful mothering journey.  

Who I Help 

  • Mental health and addiction organisations

  • Maternal mental health centres

  • Health care professionals 

  • Mental Health and AOD consumers  

What I Offer

I offer personalised services for your staff and organisation either (face to face: Mornington Peninsula or virtually; worldwide.) which may cover the following; 



  • Secondary (with staff)​

  • Primary (with client)

  • Multidisciplinary 

  • Treatment 


Topics may include;

  • Mental health issues 

  • Alcohol and other Drug Use (AOD)

  • Co-morbidities

  • Lived experience perspective 

  • Maternal Mental Health 

  • Life Transitions

  • Mental Wellness 

  • Mental Fitness 

Speaking & Media 

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Guest writer; blogs, magazines, newspaper

  • Podcast guest 


Let get started!  


Get in touch


"Mental wellness is more than the absence of illness. It is a state of overall wellbeing that must be prioritised and nurtured."  

- Stefanie Poole 

Stefanie Poole, The Mental Health Doula, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Doula, Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselling

"From the first moment you meet Stefanie you feel a sense of warmth and compassion.

She has a genuine passion to help new parents and make everyone feel safe and comfortable. Her friendliness makes it easy to open up and share as little or much as you need to. She has such a skill to be able to be so adaptable to so many different needs. The resources she uses are extensive and she is always wanting to help and find ways to connect and teach you.  She is the most amazing listener and incredible at her job! Her knowledge and intelligence is second to none. You can tell she has been in this industry with a lot of experience. She makes becoming a new mum, which can be quite daunting and scary, into a beautiful adventure and new discovery of yourself. She gives you the tools you need for your future not just your current situation. I would highly recommend seeing Stefanie one on one or in her group classes.

She is so welcoming and puts everyone at ease!" 

Tara & Baby Savannah

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