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The field of mental health and addiction can be confusing and overwhelming. It can be difficult to assist your clients who struggle with both mental illness and addiction (dual diagnosis). Challenges may arise in understanding what support and resources are available, who to contact, how to identify treatment options and knowing how to offer an integrated treatment approach.  


My consultations will assist you, as a professional or organisation, to better assess the complex needs of your clients, work collaboratively with treatment teams and develop effective and comprehensive plans to address the unique needs of your clients.

I can offer large health care systems, and organisations, cross sector care pathways to efficiently provide integrated mental health and addiction treatment and resources. Through my training and consultations, I will help build your organisations capacity to respond effectively to individuals with complex needs. 



My consultations can be accessed in- person (Mornington Peninsula) or virtually. 

Consultation Services Address

  • Mental health issues 

  • Alcohol and other Drug Use (AOD)

  • Co-morbidities

  • Lived experience perspective 

  • Maternal Mental Health 

  • Life Transitions

  • Mental Wellness 

Consultation Service Options 

Secondary Consultations

  • Assist professionals and service providers to develop a clear and comprehensive formulation of their client. 

  • I will answer any questions or challenges you may be facing when working with your client and enhance your ability and skills to best support them. 

  • Exploration and recommendations for therapeutic approaches, treatment options, assessment, pathways and resources. 

  • Gain greater insight and knowledge into your clients needs and how they can best manage their mental health and/or addiction. 

Multidisciplinary Team Consultations

  • I will lead the consultation with the aim of creating a individualized care plan for your client 

  • Care plan will include a holistic approach to wellness (biopsychosocial) 

  • Information will be gathered from family, friends, professionals and other providers involved in the clients care. 

  • At the conclusion of the consultation, a report will be provided which will include my professional recommendations. 

Treatment Consultations 

  • Review of clients history by gathering information from relevant supports. 

  • Research and discussion regarding possible treatment options.

  • Detailed report which will include my professional recommendations for services providers and family.

“I found the workshop great! It covered lots of important bases and answered any of the questions I could think of and also allowed time for interaction and sharing ideas.”

- Sarah

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