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Stefanie Poole Doula & Birth Education, Pregnancy Counselling, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne

Birth Education For A

Healthy Heart & Mind 

Mini Family Session 

What your traditional birth classes don't cover but you'll wish they did 

Pregnancy and birth are more than a physiological experience. Preparing mentally and emotionally for parenthood is one of the most important things you can do. Your mind is incredibly powerful and can have a profound effect on your body, your identity, how you birth, parent, and connect with your community. Birth Education For A Healthy Heart & Mind ™ class covers the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

  • You are pregnant or postpartum (if you are pregnant I recommend your class takes place between 24-35 weeks gestation). Session can be done either solo or as a couple.  

  • You are a parent at any stage of your journey wanting to gain a deeper understanding of your mental health and wellness​

  • You are a proactive parent wanting to gain more knowledge, awareness and strategies for maintaining mental wellness during parenthood.

The mini class is for you if; 

Here's What You'll Learn 

My Signature Guide to a Healthy Heart & Mind ™

I will take you through four steps for creating mental wellness for you and your family. 


You will learn how to;

1. Commit to your mental wellness

  • Are you “all in” when it comes to committing to your mental health and wellness?

  • How do you define what mental wellness looks like for you and your family?

  • How can you identify and release anything holding you back from committing to your mental wellness.

2. Clarify the meaning of mental wellness

  • Explore the meaning of mental health as it relates to you and your community.

  • Understand the term mental fitness and how you can use it to maintain mental wellness and change the way society perceives mental health

  • Identify mental health issues that can arise in the perinatal period

  • Identify the possible effects mental ill health can have on your child(ren)

  • Understand postnatal depletion and matrescence as they relate to mental health 


3. Create Your Mental Wellness Plan

  • Understand your mental health and what you need to maintain good mental health. 

  • Identify the common risk factors for maternal mental health issues

  • Explore your personal triggers and stressors and may become a challenge in maintaining good mental wellness 

  • Identify daily mental wellness activities you can use for creating balance and structure. 

  • Create a list of coping strategies that can help you cope with life stressors, emotions, unexpected circumstances and unsettling situations 

  • Understand the contacts and supports that are available to you, including family, friends and professionals 

  • Start creating your own mental wellness plan


4. Celebrate Your Success

  • Explore the benefits of celebrating your success

  • Identify your unique way of celebrating your success

You will leave feeling....

empowered with the information and knowledge needed to make informed decisions around your mental wellbeing and identify the supports, tools and resources you need for staying emotionally strong if times get tough. Together we will develop your customised mental wellness plan containing your “mental health preferences.” This plan will assist you in discussing your emotional wellbeing with your care providers, family and friends.

"I look forward to supporting you and your family to enter parenthood with a healthy heart & mind."


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