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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a Peer Ambassador?

A Mumma Bees & Co Peer Ambassador is someone who uses their own personal lived experience of parenting with mental and emotional health challenges to support other birthing families travelling a similar journey.

2. Are Mumma Bees trained to offer support? 

Yes. All Mumma Bees & Co Ambassadors are certified and have completed the comprehensive Mumma Bees & Co Peer Training which prepares them with the knowledge, confidence and skills to support you on your parenting journey.   


3. What is the difference between a mentor and an ambassador?

A mentor is usually a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person in a specific area (in this case parenthood) helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person in that area. Mumma Bees & Co has chosen to use the words Peer Ambassador, instead of mentor, because we believe in the model of peer support which emphasises shared experience and the principles of respect, shared responsibility, collaboration and mutual agreement. Our Mumma Bees are Ambassadors because in addition to offering peer support, they go one step further to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and provide education to the community around mental and emotional health and wellness.


4. Is there any prior knowledge I need to be eligible to complete the training?

No. You only need a lived experience of mental/emotional health challenges, passion and the willingness to use your voice to break down the stigma that surrounds mental health/illness.


5. Can I become a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador if I’m not a mum? 

You can become a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador if you identify as a mum or as being in a mothering role.


6. Can I become a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador if I had my children 30 years ago?

Yes. Our only requirement is that you be over 18. 


7. Can I become a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador if I do not have a diagnosed mental health issue like postpartum depression?

Yes! It is not required to have a mental health diagnosis to become a Mumma Bees Ambassador.

8. How much time will I need to commit to the Ambassador role? 

We have three different tiers of Ambassadors, Inner Circle, Community and Professional. This allows you to choose what tier best suits your needs. You are able to move between tiers at any time. We also hold a monthly Mumma Bees & Co virtual check in which we encourage all Ambassadors to attend to stay connected, updated and supported. 


9. Do I need any qualifications to become a Mumma Bees & Co Peer Ambassador?

No you do not need any specific qualifications to become a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador. We have Mumma’s in the hive from various different backgrounds and professions. Our diversity of knowledge, skills, and expertise provide you with a wide network of Mumma Bees to chose from for support.


10.  What are some reasons someone would reach out to a Mumma Bees & Co  Ambassador?

Some common reasons why birthing people may contact a Mumma Bees Ambassador are;

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or depleted

  • Struggling mentally and emotionally

  • Experiencing mental health issues

  • Infertility or pregnancy loss  

  • Feeling isolated and alone in their parenting journey

  • Searching for a safe non-judgemental space to feel held, validated and supported

  • Looking to expand their community and social supports


11.  How do I know if I need support from a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador?

We believe if you’re questioning whether you need support then maybe it’s time to reach out and connect. We are happy to chat to you to discuss your needs and how we can best support you.


12. I have support from family and friends, why would I need a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador?  

Having support from family and friends is so important but many times it may not be enough. For many birthing families struggling mentally and emotionally, we hear them say they find it hard to tell their family and friends just how bad they are feeling. Many say they don’t want to “be a burden.” Others say they share some aspects of the challenges they are facing but not their deepest darkest moments. For others, they may not have family or friends nearby or find family and friend only try to “fix it” when all they really want is someone to listen. Mumma Bees differ in that they are there to provide a non-judgemental safe space for you to share whatever is coming up for you. They are there to listen without jumping into fix it, providing guidance, validation and hope.

A Mumma Bees lived experience of the mental and emotional challenges of motherhood put them in the unique position to truly understand and support you where you’re at.


13. What type of support can a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador provide me?

Mumma Bees & Co Ambassadors offer a range support options. Our Ambassadors can work with you;

  • One on one via phone, zoom or online.

  • Face to face if convenient for both people. Face to face support can range from emotional support to practical support (types of practical support to be arranged between you and your Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador)

  • In a group setting offering group support or education

  • To provide education, resources and referral pathways    


14. Is it free to access a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador?

Many of our Ambassadors do offer their support for free, however this is at the discretion of each Mumma Bee. As a Mumma Bees time is valuable, we support them in deciding what level of exchange feels right for them. Many of out Mumma Bees may run community groups or events which may or may not have a fee (this will always be listed on their group/events). The Mumma Bees & Co hive also offers workshops, events and educational series to the community. Dates and times and costs will be advertised and listed on our social media and website. Please sign up to our mailing list to stay updated on upcoming events

15. How do I contact a Mumma Bees & Co Ambassador?

Please visit our Mumma Bees & Co Ambassadors webpage

From there you can view all of our Mumma Bees and contact them directly for support.


16. Can a Mumma Bees & Co Peer Ambassador speak at my organisation or event?

Yes! Part of the Mumma Bees & Co mission is to raise mental health awareness and education to the community. To arrange for a Mumma Bee to speak at your organisation or event please contact Stefanie at


Don't see your question here? Please contact us at and we will be happy to answer it for you. 

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