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Stefanie Poole Doula & Birth Education, Pregnancy Counselling, Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne

The Health Professionals Edition of

Birth Education For A Healthy Heart & Mind

If you are a practitioner working with families or birthing people then this is the class for you!


Many families I work with say they were not prepared for the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of birth and parenting.

As a result, many experienced a variety of mental health issues.

We must prepare parents to enter parenting with a healthy heart and mind. Teaching them ways they can stay mentally well and understand their mental health needs.

Are you ready to prepare your clients for a healthy heart and mind? 

The class is for you if;


  • You are a practitioner working with birthing people and their families.

  • You want to enhance your knowledge around maternal mental health and wellness.

  • You believe birthing families require more information around preparing mentally, emotionally and spiritually for parenthood.

  • You would like additional skills to support clients struggling with mental health issues.

  • You would like to learn practical ways to discuss mental health and wellness with your clients.

  • You want a greater understanding of the mental health system and the resources available to your clients.

This 3hr class will prepare you to support your clients mentally and emotionally on their parenting journey.    

Here’s what you’ll learn;​


How to use my Seven Step Guide to Mental Wellness to support your clients to;


1. Commit to their mental wellness

  • Help your clients define what mental health and wellness looks like for their family.


2. Clarify their meaning of mental health and wellness

  • Learn techniques and language to help your clients understand their meaning of mental health and wellness

  • Help your clients identify mental health issues that can arise in the perinatal period

  • Help your clients understand how mental health and wellness effects their children

  • Teach your clients about the concepts of postnatal depletion and matrescence.


3. Create their mental wellness plan

  • Assist your clients to learn about their mental health history

  • Discuss with them the potential risk factors for maternal mental health issues

  • Teach your clients how they can gather an "all star support team"

  • Work with your clients to develop their mental wellness plan, and safety plan if needed.


4. Communicate their mental and emotional health needs

  • Teach your clients ways they can become their own mental health advocate

  • Explain to them ways they can talk with their children about their mental health

  • Help them understand their mental health rights and use their voice to speak their truth, create boundaries and ask questions.


5. Collaborate with their support team

  • Assist your clients to become an active participant in their healthcare

  • Discuss ways they can begin to share their story and mental wellness plan with their support team

  • Help them understand the importance of collaboration in achieving mental wellness

  • Assist them to identify roles, responsibilities and accountability for themselves and those who support them.


6. Connect with themselves and their community

  • Help your clients learn ways to practice healthy heart and mind techniques to stay mentally well

  • Help them understand the importance of preparing the mind for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

  • Assist them in creating a parenting community and how to access resources and support.


7. Celebrate their successes

  • Explore ways you can celebrate successes with your clients and how they can then do the same for themselves.


You will leave feeling empowered with the information and knowledge needed to assist your clients to begin a discussion around their mental wellness and identify ways they can begin to work toward maintaining mental wellness for themselves and their families.


* Upon completion, you will receive a Healthy Heart & Mind certificate along with handouts and resources to use with your clients. 

Book now to help the families you serve enter parenting with a healthy heart and mind

Next class starts Sat Mar 27th, 2021 at 9:30 am via Zoom 

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Are You Interested in Healthy Heart & Mind training for your organisation?  

Do you want to ensure your staff are confident in preparing birthing families mentally, emotionally and spiritually for their parenting journey? Well now you can. I offer tailored Healthy Heart & Mind training for your group or organisation. A group discount will apply for six or more participants. Please get in touch to discuss your organisations needs. 

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