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Birth Education For A

Healthy Heart & Mind 

What your traditional birth classes don't cover but you'll wish they did 

Pregnancy and birth are more than a physiological experience. Preparing mentally and emotionally for parenthood is one of the most important things you can do. Your mind is incredibly powerful and can have a profound effect on your body, your identity, how you birth, parent, and connect with your community. Birth Education For A Healthy Heart & Mind ™ class covers the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

  • You are pregnant or newly postpartum (if you are pregnant I recommend your class takes place between 24-35 weeks gestation).

  • You are a parent at any stage of your journey wanting to gain a deeper understanding of your mental health and wellness​

  • You are a proactive parent wanting to gain more knowledge, awareness and strategies for maintaining mental wellness during parenthood. 

This class is for you if; 

Here's What You'll Learn 

My Signature Seven Step Guide to a Healthy Heart & Mind ™

This Seven Step Guide was created from my many years of professional and personal experience in supporting both myself, and my clients, to achieve mental wellness.

I will guide you through my seven steps for creating mental wellness for you and your family. You will learn how to;

1. Commit to your mental wellness

  • Are you “all in” when it comes to committing to your mental health and wellness?

  • How do you define what mental wellness looks like for you and your family?

  • How can you identify and release anything holding you back from committing to your mental wellness.

2. Clarify the meaning of mental wellness

  • Explore the meaning of mental health as it relates to you and your community.

  • Understand the term mental fitness and how you can use it to maintain mental wellness and change the way society perceives mental health.

  • Identify mental health issues that can arise in the perinatal period

  • Identify the possible effects mental ill health can have on your child(ren)

  • Understand postnatal depletion and matrescence as they relate to mental health 


3. Create Your Mental Wellness Plan

  • Understand your mental health history and how it may impact birth and parenting

  • Identify the common risk factors for maternal mental health issues

  • Recognise the risks and benefits of psychiatric medication during pregnancy, postpartum and breast/chest-feeding.

  • Identify the connection between sleep and mental health

  • Gather your “All Star Support Team”

  • Develop your emotional wellness plan using your “mental health preferences”

  • Develop a mental health "safety" plan if needed

4. Communicate Your Needs

  • Become your own mental health advocate (ways you can talk to your care providers, family and friends about your mental health).

  • Talk with your child(ren) about your mental health/mental ill health

  • Understand your mental health rights

  • Use your voice and speak your truth (create boundaries, explore expectations and ask questions)

5. Collaborate With Your Support Team

  • Become an active participant within your healthcare team

  • Share your story and mental wellness plan  

  • Understand how collaboration benefits you and your healthcare team.

  • Identify support team roles, responsibilities and accountability

6. Connect With Yourself and Your Community

  • Practice healthy heart and mind techniques for mental wellness

  • Understand the importance of preparing the mind for pregnancy, birth and beyond

  • Identify your mental health resources and supports and how to access them

  • Create your unique self-care routines

  • Recognise the importance of creating your parenting community and how to begin

7. Celebrate Your Success

  • Explore the benefits of celebrating your success

  • Identify your unique way of celebrating your success

You will leave feeling....

Class Options 

Virtual: Private Class via Zoom (from the comfort of your own home) 

  • $370 for you and your partner

  • 2 x 2 hours of interactive content for you and your partner

  • Receive the Full Program (plus your Healthy Heart & Mind Workbook) 

  • Flexible class options: weekdays, evenings and weekends